Klassen Software Solutions

Steve at work Unless otherwise specified the the code provided here is Copyright © by Klassen Software Solutions.

The code provided in these downloads is freely available to all.

While most of it follows the MIT license, we do not strictly enforce that and you are free to modify and use this code with no restrictions. You do not even have to provide us with credit. Note that they come with no warranty or support whatsoever. You can add bug reports and feature requests in the GitHub projects, but there is no guarantee that they will be fixed unless one of two things happen. Either we decide we like the idea and implement it, or someone decides to fund the work and we implement the changes.

Library Projects

  • gocontract - Go support for "programming by contract" on GitHub API
  • ksscontract - C++ support for "programming by contract" on GitHub API
  • kssio - C++ I/0 helper library (networking, files and streams) on GitHub API
  • ksstest - C++ testing platform on GitHub API
  • kssthread - C++ advanced threading utilities on GitHub API
  • kssutil - C++ general utility library on GitHub API
  • KSSCore - Swift general utility library on GitHub API
  • KSSCoreUI - Swift general utility library on GitHub API
  • KSSDiff - Swift library for computing the differences between two texts on GitHub API
  • pyutil - Python general utility library on GitHub

General Utility Projects

  • BuildSystem - Build system utilities used for all KSS projects on GitHub
  • DevelopmentScripts - Various scripts used in KSS software developement on GitHub
  • LicenseScanner - Determine the licenses used by a project's dependencies on GitHub
  • wsterm - Command line utility for testing WebSocket communications on GitHub